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Stressless® Classic Elevator Ring

  • Product type

    • Footstool
    • Recliner S/M
    • Recliner L
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    • Kolor teku
      • Kolor teku
      • Kolor brązowy
      • Oak
      • Kolor czarny
      • Walnut
      • Grey
      • Kolor wenge
      • Smoked Oak
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Extra height if needed. The elevator ring increases the height of your Stressless recliner with Classic base by 3.5 cm. Just snap it on: no tools are required.

Stressless Classic Elevator Ring is available in three different sizes: recliner (S/M), recliner (L) and footstool. Elevator rings S/M fits all Small and Medium recliners with Classic base produced after April 8. 2018. Elevator ring (L) fits all Stressless recliners in size Large with the Classic base produced after November 1. 2011. Elevator ring footstool fits all Stressless footstools with Classic base produced after March 1. 2004.