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Stressless® E200


Unbelievably beautiful and more comfortable than you can imagine. The Stressless E200 is simply sublime. Clean lines and classic proportions make it one of the most comfortable contemporary Scandinavian design sofas in the market. In the E-sofas we have added the unique and patented ErgoAdapt™-system. The moment you take a seat the cushion tilts placing your body in a perfect sitting position – if you prefer to lie down the cushion elevates to a flat position, placing your body in a perfect lying position.

The systems behind the stressless experience

Please note that we only show a limited number of setups in our configurator – if you want a different setup please contact your local Stressless dealer.


Please note that all images shown with round legs are shown with a leg height of 11 cm, the height of the sofa and the seating height will change according to the height of your chosen leg type.